Just Neighbors staff and volunteers are honored to have worked with and assisted so many people and families in the northern Virginia community. Here are some thoughts about Just Neighbors written by our former clients.

two clients“I want to tell you that you are always in my heart, and I will always remember you and the whole staff as Neighbors. . . . you are an angel to help all the people like us, who did not have any help. . . . I would like to thank you again so much for all your help with my immigration case. Last year in August I became an American citizen! I applied, and filled up the applications myself, and finally I got what I’ve dreamed of for so many years. . . . Thank you again for everything. Give my very best to [other Just Neighbors staff] too. God bless you all! I will keep in touch, and always be a loyal member and contributor to such an amazing fellowship.”

“Thank you for helping us reunite our family, for giving us the opportunity to smile and receive a hug from our loved ones. . . . God grant you and everyone [at Just Neighbors] who have made this great work possible, great blessings and that the blessings extend to your families. Thank you from our family.”

Paula with Sarah“Since I got the information about Just Neighbors and called the number my life was completely changed. I was living here without my kids, I hadn’t seen them in eight years and now they are with me here. It has been a blessing in my life to have Just Neighbors, it has been a great help to me!”

“Just Neighbors changed my life because my daughters who are not U.S. citizens received the benefits I received and that’s all I could’ve asked for because now they are secure in the U.S. and have social security and work permits and don’t have to say they are illegal. Also getting my driver’s license was great because I got all of the liberty I never had and now I can work anywhere and not stop my daughters from going to school like I had to in my country. We do not fear the police or going out because we are safe and we can be free and worry free.”

“Thanks to the help of Just Neighbors, me and my family are safer, and we have the possibility of better jobs. Thanks to Just Neighbors’ help we are together and are not afraid of being separated.”

Million and Allison“I feel very happy with the help I received. If Just Neighbors hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t have a job now. I feel safer now.”

“Just Neighbors has been a miracle in our lives. It has been a 180-degree turn in our lives.”

“Before when I needed a job, I was always afraid and would look for anything because it was a matter of them being able of denying me because of my status. Now I have the luxury of searching for a job that I want and be with people that respect me and like my work.”

“The feeling of freedom that I have now is amazing. I have the opportunity to travel back to my country. I have the chance to attend my daughter’s wedding in Peru. No words can describe this.”

“My life changed a lot because before I was so scared because my husband who I have since divorced threatened me so much, I had to see a therapist because I so distraught and nervous. Now everything has changed. I was able to get my Green Card and leave all of that behind. They helped me with the paperwork and also the costs of all the immigration fees.”

“My life has changed so much because I am confident to find a job because I have papers. I always thank God and Just Neighbors that I no longer have difficulty finding a job.”

“The best that could happened to us was meeting you. The service was excellent. Sarah was very kind to us.”

13 client & Andrew shaking hands“I am so appreciative; you are such special people in my life. And I believe that you have also helped so many people, I can’t give back anything since the person who give us everything is God. Wonderful big things will come back to you. [The people at Just Neighbors] are exceptional people, in all the visits I have come to Just Neighbors, they have always treated me better than lawyers in other places. . . . When I started to come here, I had heavy heart all the time, thinking about how I can’t pay you but God is going to pay all of you. Thank you.”

“I really appreciate Just Neighbors’ help. I would recommend their service to anyone. They welcome you very nicely. There are very nice people working over there. They take their time to explain everything.”

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