DACA additional list

Documents from EACH MONTH BETWEEN JUNE 2007 TO TODAY that show you lived in the United States.  One document may cover several months (like a lease agreement) or several years (like a school transcript). Bring as many documents as possible.  Examples of documents include:

  • School Transcript (If currently in school, transcript should show that, OR bring your schedule, a progress report, or a letter from your counselor that says you are currently in school.)
  • Employment Records (or detailed letter from employer)
  • Medical Bills/Records, Household Bills, Postmarked Letters
  • Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates of Children
  • Rental Agreements
  • Banking Records and Tax Receipts

ENTRY PRIOR TO 16TH BIRTHDAY (one of the following):

  • School Transcript
  • Medical Records
  • Stamped Passport or I-94 Arrival / Departure Document
  • Notice to Appear from Immigration

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