DC-MD Justice For Our Neighbors and Just Neighbors have joined forces to serve the DMV!

Effective July 1, 2020, DC MD Justice for Our Neighbors and Just Neighbors have joined forces to serve the DMV!

Our mission and values haven’t changed but are strengthened by our ability to merge processes and resources to serve more clients in the District, Maryland and Virginia. 

We will maintain our current offices in Annandale, VA (headquarters), Rockville, MD, and Herndon, VA.

Until the pandemic is over, we will not utilize our clinic model to serve clients throughout our service areas but will continue to use Zoom or Whatsapp technology to safely meet with clients and minimize the in-person contact until it is safe to restart face-to-face interactions.

Due to an overwhelming caseload, DC-MD Justice For Our Neighbors has been unable to help new clients for over a year, while continuing to serve the existing client base. We are pleased to share that we will begin helping a small number of new clients in DC and Maryland and continue to help more as we can build the staff.

Our primary goal of providing high-quality immigration legal services to low-income clients remains. We will also continue to connect members of the community through volunteering (though this may be somewhat limited during the pandemic), educate any interested parties on immigration laws and advocate on behalf of those who are most vulnerable. 

Together, we have helped nearly 15000 clients move toward the “American Dream” of economic stability and the safety and security that provides.

We are grateful to all of you for your patience, support, and tireless work to help keep the United States a welcoming destination for the displaced and oppressed. We hope you will continue to walk with us as we strive to keep the lamp lifted “beside the golden door!” 

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