Giving Graham

When James Graham first came to Just Neighbors, he was in search of an opportunity to use and hone the skills he had developed as a lawyer for “over 40 years dealing with complex factual regulatory cases.” He found Just Neighbors, an organization dedicated to helping people. Graham spent his time volunteering as a lawyer a few times a week in an effort to aid clients in obtaining green cards and citizenship. However, after 11 years and five clinics, Graham recognizes the real, significant difference with Just Neighbors. It is not just about the legality and cases, but really and truly, the people. “Just Neighbors is all about the people,” Graham remarks. Moreso, the passion of the people working for the Just Neighbors organization is unmatched. Graham notes that other workers and volunteers made Just Neighbors one of the kindest and generous working environments. Graham’s and others time and efforts are voluntary but evenso, he states, “not once in the 11 years I’ve been here has there ever been a suggestion that the service we offer is anything less to these clients because they are not paying.” Graham and Just Neighbors have much in common, but most importantly, their passion for serving other people. “Everything Jim does promotes the work of Just Neighbors; he always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping the clients and staff- he even teaches Yoga to the staff on Fridays,” adds Operations Director, Stephanie Barnes. Although Graham himself states “it is a gift to me to serve Just Neighbors clients,” it is clear that Graham himself is a gift to the organization. Just Neighbors, it’s clients, other workers and volunteers are eternally indebted to Graham and all of the amazing work he has done over the years.


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