Just Neighbors Paves the Way for a Promising Future

Ana arrived in the United States at 18 months of age with her mother fleeing violence in Honduras, which continues to endure one of the world’s highest homicide rates.  Since her arrival in the U.S. 22 years ago, Ana has married, had children, fostered a child, and presently works with autistic children.   Sadly, Ana is also a survivor of a violent crime here in the U.S. when she was 13 years old.

At her mother’s urging, Ana reached out to Just Neighbors in May 2012 to determine if she qualified for any immigration status.  Her attorney at Just Neighbors determined that Ana qualified for a U Visa and Just Neighbors filed a U Visa application for her after doggedly collecting all the required evidence. In 2014, Ana’s case was approved, and she was awarded a U Visa.  After holding the U Visa for 3 years, Ana, again with the help of Just Neighbors, applied for her Lawful Permanent Residency, which was approved in May 2019.

With her Lawful Permanent Resident status, Ana is searching for better paying jobs, and looking for new opportunities.  She expects to return to school, once her youngest children are all in school fulltime. Ana is excited to see what the future holds for her.

By helping Ana obtain her U Visa as well as her Lawful Permanent Residency, Just Neighbors has opened the door for a more secure and promising future for Ana and her family. #justneighborssuccessstory

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