Prevailing in the Face of Adversity

Helya was madly in love with her future husband as soon as they met in Estonia. When he asked her to marry him, she willingly left her home and moved to the USA. The future looked promising. Helya secured a conditional Permanent Resident Card (green card), went to school for skin care and earned her esthetician license. Sadly, her fairytale did not continue. Her husband became abusive and Helya had to flee from their home. 

The staff at the domestic abuse shelter told Helya about the immigration legal service provider Just Neighbors and how its lawyers could help her remove the conditions from her green card. Helya shared that her attorney, “Cristina informed me of what materials I needed for evidence.  Just Neighbors helped me with everything.”

Just Neighbors worked on Helya’s behalf securing her ten-year green card and have encouraged her to apply for citizenship. Helya is grateful for the support Just Neighbors has provided and is excited to start her own life.

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