Thank You Note from Asia

This client was the victim of a violent crime while in the United States on a student visa. After cooperating with the police and seeing her assailant convicted, she wanted to go home. She had a safe home to return to and a family that would accept her, but as you can see from her recent note below, life has not been easy. Pro bono attorneys have worked on her case and she has been approved for a visa that will allow her to return to the United States:

Thank you so much for your help. It wouldn’t happen if you guys weren’t helping me. I am so grateful.

This approval means a lot for me. I am thankful for US Justice and immigration system.

Foley and Lardner lawyers are generous, highly-skilled and worked on my case even though I was outside of US and free of charge.

This is unbelievable that there’s an organization with big heart and care, who assists a poor third country woman.

Now, I can study for my master’s in the USA and work legally.

I have been sacrificing many things including education, community (because my fellow [Asians*] would rumor behind my back), money, time and my most loved one because of the violent crime. But my boyfriend, he encouraged my file against the offender. That was right thing to do. Even though I left US because of rape, now I understand that fighting against crime is rewarding. And I can see for myself much better and brighter future.

Please instruct me further steps that should be taken. Also, at the moment I am attending university to get my bachelor’s degree and I will graduate in early June.

* country identification removed for privacy

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