On the Importance of DACA: Valentina’s Story

At the age of 3, Valentina came to the United States from Peru without any knowledge of her citizenship status. Valentina is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science while working as a Data Systems Engineering intern. She explained that her parents lacked employment opportunities and financial stability in Peru. Valentina said that growing up, …

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Just Neighbors Responds to Protests Following the Death of George Floyd

Like many of you, Just Neighbors is horrified by the recent death of George Floyd.  Mr. Floyd is just one of too many black lives who have died at the hands of those who control power: both individually and corporately. Just Neighbors recognizes that many of the laws here in the U.S., including our immigration laws, …

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A Story of Hope

A Story of Hope Veronica came to Just Neighbors four years ago, after her school’s parent liaison recommended she seek legal help for her immigration case. Just a couple months before, her ex-husband had hit her so her teenage daughter Ana called the police. That phone call changed everything. She was able to finally break …

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Protecting Our Neighbors

Protecting Our Neighbors By: Jennifer Healey, Staff Attorney I’ve heard people use different metrics to judge a nation as a whole: average vacation hours per year, collective debt, treatment of animals, donations to charity, and the list goes on. I think the heart of any country manifests—at least in part—through its humanitarian laws: whether they …

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The mission of Just Neighbors is to provide high-quality immigration legal services to low-income immigrants, asylees, and refugees in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia; and, to build community among clients, staff, volunteers and the larger society through education, advocacy, and volunteerism.



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