This Couple Got Their Happy Ending

Carlos and his wife Sophia both immigrated to the United States 13 years ago, Carlos from Honduras and Sophia from El Salvador. They both only received their green cards in March of this year through the help of Just Neighbors. Their children, except for one, also have their green cards. The one who doesn’t is currently awaiting residency.

Carlos loved working with Just Neighbors because everything was voluntary and they didn’t have to pay for many things. He says their lives have changed greatly and for the better.

Due to their status as residents, they plan on returning to their home countries for the first time since they immigrated. They know they no longer have to worry about getting back into the U.S. since they now have their papers.

Carlos and Sophia are excited to see their family since it’s been so long since they last did. They are also excited to bring their children, except for the one without a green card, because they have never been to these countries. Their children, for the first time, are going to meet their relatives and see the countries their parents came from.

Carlos said their experience with Just Neighbors was extremely wonderful, especially since they got their happy ending.

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