One Client’s Long Journey to Residency

Juan Romero, originally from El Salvador, became a client of Just Neighbors on November 19, 2013. He moved to Virginia from Texas and his immigration attorney asked us to take over his case.

In 2010, Juan sustained multiple gunshot wounds from an attempted murder. He had to undergo multiple surgeries after the fact and still suffers from neurological damage. He cooperated with law enforcement and the perpetrator was sentenced to 10 years in confinement for attempted murder.

Since Juan was leaving Texas and was still getting adjusted to Virginia, he needed someone new to file his U-Visa, and Just Neighbors stepped in. U-Visa certificates from law enforcement are valid for six months, but by the time we met him we had less than one month to file for his U-Visa because his certificate was running out.

Juan waited from December 2013 to January 2017 when his case was finally approved. He is so grateful, but he’s still waiting to one day be reunited with his daughter, who is still in El Salvador. Just Neighbors continues to assist Juan in the process of bringing his daughter to the United States.

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