DACA Works! Just Neighbors Delivers!

Like so many immigrants to our country, ‘Jessica’ came to America when she was barely a year old.  She arrived with her family with a Visa for what was supposed to be a short visit with other family members. It was their first time in America, and they had no plans to stay.  But like so many people who visit our country, her Mom and Dad were amazed at what they saw, and decided very quickly that they wanted their young children to be a part of it and not subject them to the discrimination and other hardships in their home country.  Jessica had no idea what was going on, she was far too young, but her family’s decision to stay changed her life forever.

With limited financial resources, Jessica’s family had heard that Just Neighbors offered free or low cost legal assistance to at risk immigrants.  For example, many legal firms charge $200 or more per DACA applicant, which would have been at least $600 in legal fees for the 3 children. With the additional $495 that applicants have to pay to USCIS (there are no fee waivers for DACA), it can be a daunting cost for a young person like Jessica to renew her work permit. Thanks to the many donors who have donated specifically for “DACA scholarships,” Just Neighbors is able to help clients who cannot afford the fees connected with DACA.

Without the expert immigration legal services from Just Neighbors and the generosity of our community, Jessica wouldn’t have been able to renew her work permit before it expired.  Instead, Jessica is finishing high school and is working part time at Target.  She ‘loves’ nursing, and has already taken several prep classes and plans to get her nursing degree after high school.

All the best to Jessica!

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