It Takes a Village! From Asylees to Green Card Holders

Khalaf Daoud sought the help of Just Neighbors in the hopes of securing green cards for his family of six (his wife, twin girls, and three teenage children).

Mr. Daoud had come to the United States seeking asylum and then was able to bring his family. As Coptic Christians, the family faced the threat of persecution in a predominately Muslim country. By 2016, they had all been granted asylum and Mr. Daoud had received his green card. A family friend recommended the services of Just Neighbors to help with the green cards for the rest of the family.

The family came to one of our clinics and Just Neighbors staff and volunteers helped them get the process started.

For unknown reasons, the process took 2 years instead of the expected 9 months. Due to the delay, the medical reports and other documents expired, and re-submission was required.  The fees associated with re-submitting the medical reports and application fees totaled more than $3,000.

A generous Just Neighbors donor stepped in and paid for all of the Daoud family’s fees.

With the help of volunteers, attorneys, and elected officials, the entire Daoud family finally received their green cards. The older children are looking forward to obtaining their drivers licenses. The children go to school and Mr. Daoud currently works two jobs, at a local supermarket and as a custodian at a school in Fairfax County.

Mr. Daoud was always kind and patient in his inquiries about how his case was progressing and many staff members and volunteers came to know him and to root for his family.

When asked about Just Neighbors, Mr. Daoud explains, “I tell people about Just Neighbors, about how you helped us. I recommended Just Neighbors last week to another family.” 

We are all thrilled for the Daoud family.

To support more families like the Daoud’s, you can donate to our#Spring2ACTion campaign here: Every dollar will be matched up to $16,000!

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