Just Neighbors’ Statement on Biden’s Immigration Executive Order

Just Neighbors condemns President Biden’s new proclamation and rule, which invoke presidential authority found in the Immigration and Nationality Act and block asylum seekers who enter the United States between ports of entry from accessing asylum. This new rule is simply a repackaging of unjust asylum restrictions that the Trump Administration also tried to put in place, including placing numerical restrictions on the number of asylum seekers admitted daily and forcing asylum seekers to undergo the “Shout Test” to “manifest” a fear of return to their home countries.

Previous surveys have uncovered concerning problems with similar restrictions that were proposed and enforced, as numerous victims may not realize they are required to explicitly declare ('Shout out') their victimization to CBP officials. Moreover, the new rule violates the laws of the United States, which require the government to admit those who articulate a fear of return to their home countries and violates our obligations under treaties. It is a sad day when we witness a so-called ally propose and implement some of the most stringent restrictions on asylum seekers under the guise of “protecting our borders.”

Instead of implementing increasingly restrictive policies, Just Neighbors calls on the Biden Administration to:

  • Repeal the recent restrictions placed on asylum seekers through the Circumventing Legal Pathways rule as well as this recent proclamation.
  • Work with Congress to pass a long overdue Afghan Adjustment Act to protect those who worked alongside our military and government personnel in Afghanistan.
  • Work with Congress to pass legislation which would protect DACA recipients and those too young to qualify for DACA.
  • Work with Department of Homeland Security to streamline processing times for work permits and other immigration benefits and work with Congress to fund DHS adjudication needs.
  • Propose just solutions to provide legal pathways for the undocumented residing in the U.S.

And most especially,

  • Live out the principals of our democracy by “welcoming the stranger” and refrain from policies which demean those seeking succor at our shores and borders.
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